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For 20 years, the Tiger Woods Foundation has equipped students with the ability to exceed any and all expectations. We have humble beginnings and a simple, universal vision - to help kids succeed no matter what. Scholarships could have been enough. After-school programs could have been just fun and games. We could have stopped at Anaheim or Washington, DC. But we are fierce and unwavering advocates for the transformative power of education. You might not expect it when we promise to make the world a better place. But believe us, we will. We’ve been transforming lives for 20 years. And now, it’s time to celebrate…

To mark our 20th year, we’ll embark on an ambitious expansion plan that includes doubling the number of students attending college through our scholarship program; reaching thousands of teachers through a collaborative teacher training space; and launching a virtual academy that will reach millions. Join the man behind the vision, Tiger Woods, for an inspiring anniversary celebration at one of NYC’s most iconic institutions.

Top 10 Reasons Our 20th Anniversary Party Can't be Missed!

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With Tiger underwriting the event, 100 percent of your support goes directly toward helping students thrive in school, their communities and the working world.

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Tiger Woods Foundation 20th Anniversary Dinner